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A Friendly Attorney Who Takes The Fear Out Of Bankruptcies And Estate Planning
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A Proven Bankruptcy Attorney For San Diego County

Filing for bankruptcy is a legal process that helps people get a fresh start and remove the overwhelming burden of debt. There is no shame in restructuring your debts to make successful payments and meet your obligations. A knowledgeable attorney will take the fear out of a bankruptcy filing and help you understand the process.

The Michael Koch, Esq. Lockhart, Britton & Koch is a La Mesa firm that has helped clients file for bankruptcy since 1987. I am known for my thoroughness and attention to detail with my clients. I take the fear out of bankruptcy for my clients and provide an honest assessment of possible outcomes. Contact my office for a free initial consultation.

A California Lawyer Who Fights For Clients

My skills as an attorney can help you stop foreclosure and guide you in restructuring your debt. I am a former counsel for a standing bankruptcy trustee, and I understand the process of filing from both the debtor and creditor side. I have spent my career helping thousands of clients with their debt issues, and I will put my experience toward your case.

Here are a few of the financial and legal hurdles I may be able to help you overcome:

Helping Clients Recover From Life-Altering Events

I can help clients recover from serious financial events such as a divorce or medical accident. An unexpected trip to the emergency room, even with insurance, can result in thousands of dollars in fees. An injury can also prevent individuals from working, which limits their ability to pay for their debts. These kinds of incidents can happen to anyone, and it is important to speak to a knowledgeable attorney to protect your rights. I give clients the financial freedom to rebuild their lives, free of the burden of debt.

Here are a few of the common situations that may cause debt issues:

  • Accident or injury that results in extensive medical debt
  • Loss of partner’s income or change in marital status
  • Cash flow problems that result in the extensive use of credit cards

Problems with debt can happen at any age, and taking on more debt to pay off previous expenses is a vicious cycle. Do not fall victim to wage garnishment or forced collections, start the bankruptcy process now.

Years Of Bankruptcy Law Knowledge At Your Disposal

Many clients that I speak to are unsure if a bankruptcy will help them with their debts and are afraid of the possible consequences. Fear of losing your home or vehicle is a normal concern, and I will go over your options in the initial evaluation.

Here are common questions that I can answer for you:

My firm is not a debt clinic; you will have an attorney at the door ready to speak to you about the case. I have a talented team of legal professionals ready to give you a thorough review of your case and prospects.

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Ignoring debt can make it harder to move past them. Schedule your free case evaluation by calling 619-299-2199 or using the contact form.

I am a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.