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3 top reasons people file for bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a term that can come with a stigma. You may feel uncomfortable or guilty if you are considering bankruptcy. However, going into bankruptcy can be a chance to start over and does not have to be a blemish on your reputation. 

If are worried that declaring personal bankruptcy will automatically be a stain on your character, do not be. There are a lot of reasons to file for bankruptcy other than irresponsible spending. Here are some common reasons that people seek a fresh financial start through bankruptcy.

How to deal with burdensome student debt (and avoid scams)

Student debt is a fact of life for nearly 50 million Americans. Some high-income earners stay on top of their debt or pay it off entirely thanks to stable jobs. Yet millions of others aren't so lucky, falling behind on payments that frequently total more than a mortgage.

Most types of unsecured debt - credit card debt, medical bills and payday loans, for example - can be effectively wiped out through bankruptcy. Yet student loans are notoriously difficult to get out of. They can only be discharged in cases of "undue hardship" - a tough standard to meet.

Rebuilding credit after declaring bankruptcy

Dealing with large amounts of debt is a difficult situation. While declaring bankruptcy can be an option to help people move on, many are reluctant to do so.

One reason some people are hesitant to declare bankruptcy is they’re concerned what will happen to their credit. It’s true that there may be a short-term hit to your credit score. The good news is that this is temporary. With the proper actions, people can repair their credit following bankruptcy.

Pros and cons of chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy

Being in debt is a horrible situation for anyone. Deciding whether to file bankruptcy is not any easier. Bankruptcy does offer a chance to move forward though. Some people considering bankruptcy are not aware that there are two types available: chapter 7 and chapter 13. Both types have pros and cons to weigh.


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